Founded in 2008 by Geraldine and Romain Teboul, Gertrude has made a name for itself on the Marseilles fashion scene. Constantly innovating and striving to symbolize authenticity, the brand seduces by revisiting the codes of technical jackets.

Naturally, it rounds out its offering with a ready-to-wear line, with an assertive, singular style. The designers team invents and imagines modern collections for everyday wear.

The brand's assertive Unisex side, which is precious to it, often leads to Oversize models, pieces mix themselves as in style as in gender. Gertrude has built its contemporary fashiontechwear identity on multiple influences. Design, art, architecture and music are all kind of worlds that characterize the brand. Blending heritage and creativity, the brand constantly reinvents itself by developing collaborations and teaming up with all kinds of creative minds.